Why holidays?

This blog’s main purpose is to share my holiday adventures as a vegan.

Being vegan, holiday get-togethers can be intimidating and scary. You have to be around a bunch of non-vegans and non-vegan food. Everyone’s asking you tons of questions about why you’re not eating this or not eating that. People try to sneak animal products into your food, or just simply do it by accident. Grandmothers are saying things like, “But I made this just for you!” and your cousin is upset because you won’t eat her famous tuna casserole.

It’s usually just an overall bad experience for most vegans.

One of the main reasons I started cooking was because I missed all of my favorite holiday foods, and I didn’t want to feel deprived because of my ethical beliefs.  And also because I like proving people wrong when they think vegans eat nothing but salad (which I can’t stand). I just like proving people wrong in general, really. 😀

You can get into all the political arguements you want, but I think the best way to turn someone on to the vegan lifestyle is through the food. You try to tell someone why factory farming is bad, and they’ll get angry and upset and think you’re trying to shove your beliefs down their throat. You give them a slice of chocolate-peppermint pie with a graham cracker crust and whipped cream, and I guarantee you won’t have any complaints!

So that’s what this blog is about: Proving that vegan food can be just as awesome as non-vegan food, especially when it comes to traditional and classic holiday dishes. It’s what people expect. And if you don’t have dressing on Thanksgiving or cranberry sauce at Christmas, you’re doomed. So let’s make sure that doesn’t happen, shall we?

Happy Holidays!

– Andrea

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