Five Months of Excuses!

It’s pretty ridiculous that I haven’t updated since Thanksgiving. I do have some decent excuses, though! Here’s a timeline:

First two weeks of December –  Finals
Last day of finals – Computer blew up
Late January – Got computer back, but started a new semester of school
February-March – I was lazy (not a good excuse)
March 30 – No signal between my monitor and my computer (last straw)
April 5: I decide to start posting again!

I actually didn’t even do anything for Valentine’s Day this year, and I didn’t really do anything special for New Year’s. I’m just a tiny bit upset I wasn’t able to post all of my Christmas junk, and I didn’t do anything at all for St. Patty’s or Mardi Gras.

But I’m going to stage a comeback with Easter! I’ll do some planning this weekend. I’m thinking brunch and a (plastic) Easter egg hunt. But I’ve thought that for the past few Easters and it hasn’t happened. So we’ll see!

I hope you’ve all been able to celebrate some fun holidays this year!

– Andrea

2 Responses to “Five Months of Excuses!”

  1. catnip Says:

    You were sorely missed! Did you catch the Martha Stewart vegan episode? I thought of you!

    • Andrea Says:

      I don’t think I did! I did see an episode where the creator of Divvies cookies made a vegan blueberry cake, though!

      So glad I’m getting back to my blog!

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