Christmas Party Planning

So, I’ve already missed four days of VeganMofo. I guess that’s ok, considering I knew I wouldn’t post every day anyway. I think I only did 17 days last year. So I’m hoping I can still up that to about 20 this month. I was working on a paper Friday and Saturday, and I just didn’t have anything to post about before that.Ā  But enough of my excuses! I’m planning a Christmas party!

My awesome Christmas party diagram.

I think I just decided to confine my party to one room so that I’m not running all over the place and having to decorate everything. I like this idea, I’m just worried about seating. So that’s something I have to figure out. But here’s some of the details I’m planning so far:


8-10 people, max.


2-3 types of cookies (gingerbread, and two others I’m not sure of right now)
2-3 types of savory snacks (I’m thinking vegetable crudites with dip, party mix*, and popcorn)
Hot chocolate kept warm in a thermos pitcher
Holiday punch

*Be sure to use vegan Worcestershire sauce!


Christmas movies (Some of the following: The Santa Clause, Ernest Saves Christmas, Home Alone, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, A Charlie Brown Christmas…Probably one movie and a few shorts)
Christmas-themed pictionary
Secret Santa


Holiday music while movies aren’t playing
A fire going in the fireplace
Christmas tree and lit mantle


Homemade cinnamon ornaments (I still have one of these from when I was a kid and it still smells amazing!)

And that’s all I have so far. I really don’t think I need to do much more planning except deciding exactly which cookies I want to make and figuring out the seating. I’m pretty happy with my little Christmas party right now. I just need to keep that guest list short so I can enjoy it šŸ˜€

Now I should probably plan my Thanksgiving menu.. haha.

– Andrea

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12 Responses to “Christmas Party Planning”

  1. Jojo Says:

    I love that you’ve planned your Christmas party already, I think I might do the same soon! I love Christmas!

    • Andrea Says:

      I do, too! I usually let all the things I want to do slip by with all that’s going on during the season, so I’m making a point to plan well in advance this year šŸ˜€

  2. Jaime Says:

    Wow, this is awesome! I’ve always really liked Christmas parties. This year we plan to have one, but my apartment is not very large so we’ll have to be creative. Which is always fun.

    • Andrea Says:

      This will be my first Christmas party, so I’m excited to see how it goes! I think small parties are better than big ones, anyway. They’re more intimate and less stressful on the host(ess).

  3. Megan Says:

    You always decorate so pretty! We’ll probably have a small Christmas party (Small=just Jacob and I.) Gingerbread cookies sound really good. I think it would be cool to have like stained glass cookies too. Or those snowball cookies you always make. Those look really festive.

    • Andrea Says:

      That’s a picture from last Christmas, but it’ll probably be the same this year. haha.

      I tried stained glass cookies one year, but I just didn’t like the hard candy center. Is that the kind you’re talking about? They looked pretty, but I just didn’t like eating them.

      Snowball cookies are my favorites! I’ve been wanting to do this thing I saw Sandra Lee do with similar cookies. She used royal icing, but I think you could just use a toothpick, to secure the cookies to a styrofoam cone and added little decorations inbetween all the cookies. It was so cute!

      • Megan Says:

        Yeah I was talking about those. I’ve never had them, so I didn’t know if they were good. Haha. Do you have a good recipe for snowball cookies? I’ve never made them but I want to this year!! And I think I saw when Sandra Lee did that, and it was really cute!

      • Megan Says:

        Oh also, can you add the link to my food blog and take down the creepy vegan one? I think I might delete it because I never have anything to say on it when it’s not Halloween.

  4. Michele Says:

    I always enjoy & appreciate your posts! And while you mentioned Christmas movies, I wanted to pass a new film along that I recently discovered that came out last month on DVD for you to check out & perhaps review. Homeless for the Holidays is an amazing film that follows an executive that has lost it all & has to take a job at a burger joint – a situation many of our familes can relate to today. If you are looking for a great film for a family movie night, I encourage you to check out Homeless for the Holidays! I have to say that it’s perfect for the WHOLE family, which is hard to find these days.

  5. Jessie Says:

    Finding the right catering company can make any event a breeze!

  6. Mo Says:

    Sounds like it is going to be tons of fun!

  7. catherine (FOOD SNOB) Says:

    I decided two weeks ago what cookies I was baking this year . . . I’m in the same boat! šŸ™‚

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