Halloween Party Decor 2010

This year my Halloween party theme was “Ghosts of Halloweens Past”, based on childhood memories of Halloween. I made DVDs filled with old Halloween specials, cartoons, and commercials; had a Hal O’Ween “autopsy table”; and our main game had a lot of old Halloween trivia.

Here’s some pictures of the decorations before everyone arrived:

Me and my boyfriend made 30 goody bags for our guests, filled with candy and little Halloween trinkets. Each bag had a different face! 😀

The witch's cabinet!


My bone collection.

Hal O'Ween autopsy table.

Everyone did this as a kid, right? Feel around in the dead man’s body parts? Anyway… The hair was fennel leaves (I meant to use corn silk but ran out of time), brain- cauliflower, ear- dried apricot, eyes- peeled grapes, teeth- popcorn kernels, ribs- celery, heart- fennel, guts- spaghetti noodles with oil, bladder- balloon filled with water, hand- plastic glove filled with water, “dingle dong”- baby gherkin pickle.

The desk had the "Death List" where everyone signed in.

Outside area where we had a table set up for pumpkin painting.

Too bad no one brought a pumpkin.

Trick or Trivia

A game I kind of came up with called “Trick or Trivia”. I had a bunch of knick knacks I didn’t want anymore, as well as a bunch of items I had picked up from the Dollar Tree. Each balloon contained either a trick you must perform or a trivia question you had to answer – all Halloween-related. Everyone that played got a prize, assuming they answered correctly or followed through with their trick. The prizes were in categories 1-5 and the category was determined by how hard the trivia was or how embarrassing the trick was. Category 1 prizes were things like cheap hand puppets and Category 5 prizes included $5 DVDs.

Overall, I was really pleased with how the party turned out! I got all my food prepared and ready 3+ hours before the party, so I didn’t have to worry about that. I also learned to put as much food out as possible so that I wouldn’t be stuck filling up the “boo-ffet” all night. There’s always going to be a huge rush 2-3 hours before the party, and that’s never fun. But my boyfriend really helped me out this year, and we did pretty darn well. Everyone’s costumes were great, and I think everyone had a good time.

I’m glad this year turned out well, because this will be my last Halloween party for a while. I may try a small dinner party or murder mystery the next few years. But I’m taking a break from the big parties. It’s too draining and takes up too much of my October. Plus it’s just too darn expensive. Granted, I did a lot better this year, as far as not fussing over the little things goes. But I’m still taking a break. 😀

Up next: Party food!

– Andrea

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6 Responses to “Halloween Party Decor 2010”

  1. Mo Says:

    Wow. You throw the most epic parties I’ve ever witnessed! That was just amazing!

  2. Jojo Says:

    Woah, that is one seriously awesome looking Halloween party!

  3. catnip Says:

    How did your costume turn out?

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