What gives?

The way I just stopped updating this thing, you probably think I’ve been on holiday! But I haven’t. It’s just been hectic these last few months.

The Disney Store I worked at closed in April. I started back to school in May. June has been nothing but family drama… Let’s just say I’m hoping July will be better. I have a few back-posts I need to make, since I’m obviously horrible at posting things in a timely manner. I plan on having a fun, food-filled Indepence Day. So I’ll be posting about that, as well.

I missed out on cooking for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, the first day of Spring, Earth Day, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and the first day of Summer. I guess you can see which holidays my priorities lie with? Oh well. I’ve still got a few summer holidays left 🙂

– Andrea

2 Responses to “What gives?”

  1. trinity (of haiku tofu) Says:

    hope everything gets better! i’ve missed your posts- July 4th is ready for ya! 😉

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