Valentine’s Day Heart Banner and Plans

Valentine's Day Heart Banner

Look what I just made! 🙂 I think it’s pretty. I just took two, different-sized, heart-shaped cookie cutters and stenciled them onto red cardstock. I then cut out the hearts and taped them onto some fishing line. I know it’s simple, but it’s just so cute. You could also alternate between red and pink, pink and white, pink and purple, red and white, purple and white, etc.. Red is my favorite color for Valentine’s Day, though. (It’s classic!) So I just used red.

Earlier this week, I decided on my menu for Valentine’s Day. Every year, I make Jon dinner and a bunch of sweets and we exchange cards and (sometimes) gifts. This year we’ll be doing the same thing. Here’s what I’m planning on making:

Pesto Pasta with Roasted Vegetables
Minestrone Soup
Italian Salad
Heart-shaped Puff Pastry Pinwheels

Pink Cupcakes with Laced Chocolate Hearts
Chocolate Ganache and Rosewater Tart
Pecan Linzer Cookies with Cherry Filling
Assorted Filled Chocolates

Those are my plans right now. I’m still gathering up recipes and looking at some other crafts. I need to get in my Valentine’s Day box and see what all I can use this year. I still need to decorate, since all I have up is that banner.

We also might go see  Casablanca  at the Alabama Theatre on Saturday, depending on when I get off work, and if we can make it in time.

– Andrea

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One Response to “Valentine’s Day Heart Banner and Plans”

  1. Trinity (of haikutofu) Says:

    Cute banner! I made paper hearts strings and hung them from the ceiling last night (Snow days are perfect for craftiness). What recipes are you using for your sweets? Happy V-Day!

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