Halloween Party + Crafting Updates

I’m co-hosting my 5th annual Halloween party this year. Me and my boyfriend have been working on bits and pieces of the party since August. I’ve already posted about the costume contest trophies we’ll be giving out this year, but I haven’t posted about the new ballot sheets we’ll be having our guests vote on!

I printed these on cardstock, blotted them with a wet coffee bag, and tore them around all the edges. I think they look pretty nice. Much better than the plain white sheets of paper we had last year!

In early September, I picked up some styrofoam heads and made these:

They’re based on the Head Waiter Tray craft from Martha Stewart Living. I’ll have these on my buffet table, with a small LED light shining up on them to cast eerie shadows. The glass vases came from Dollar Tree and will be used as candle votives. I filled them with red sand found at Hobby Lobby, and there will be a large, white pillar candle inside each of them. I’m contemplating gluing some small spiders to the heads.. We’ll see.

In between my decomposing heads will be my brand-spankin’ new punch bowl, filled with a blood-red punch!

I am so excited to finally have a punch bowl. You just have no idea. And this is the most perfect punch bowl in the world, because it’s so simple and elegant. It will work for absolutely any occasion. I got it at CrateandBarrel.com. It’s a great price, too, when you compare it to most punch bowls.

Another simple craft I’ve completed is spray-painting some cheap, electric, Christmas candles:

I bought a bag of these from a thrift store for about $2. They will have flicker bulbs in them for a spooky effect 😀

And, last but not least, here is the Halloween wreath I made for our front door this year:

After I took this picture, I stretched some faux spider-webs all over the wreath. It think it looks really cute. I’ll post a finished product picture sometime soon. The sun hasn’t been shining lately, and it’s hard to get a pretty picture of the front porch without it.

I’ve been slacking on my VeganMoFo posts, but I promise I’ll get back on track soon!

Happy Second Saturday in October! Get out and have some Halloween fun!

– Andrea

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4 Responses to “Halloween Party + Crafting Updates”

  1. Mo Says:

    You are so creative! I wish my friends got this amped about Halloween. I love Halloween, but never have a party. But each year I do have a Festivus celebration. I love this time of year!!!

  2. Megan Says:

    Everything looks AWESOME!!

    And yeah, I have two blogs. Hahaha. One for vegan food, one for… Halloweeny things. I didn’t know you didn’t know! And it’s ok, those cookies are delicious and your recipe is a tiny bit different than mine. 😀

  3. Trinity Says:

    love the wreath, can’t wait to see the finished product!

  4. Aaliyah Wood Says:

    well, if you really want to be healthy, i believe that veggan foods are the best `’-

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