Being Vegan at Carnivals & Fairs

Carnivals and fairs aren’t exactly vegan paradise. But they can still be enjoyed without giving up your ethical/environmental/health beliefs.

Zebras in Love.

Sure, there’s deep-fried butter and sausages with sprinkles for all the omnis. But there are also some seriously delicious treats for us herbivores! And you will find them, I’m sure, at a place that looks similar to this:

It is here, in the great and all-powerful Candy Land, where you will find such wonderful treats as candy apples, cotton candy, and (possibly) popcorn! For popcorn, you’ll want to check the ingredients. Many popcorn brands and varieties are made with artificial butter flavorings/ingredients and are safe. Some still contain dairy. It’s always safe to check if you’re not sure.

Food vendors at carnivals and fairs are not likely to know what the word “vegan” means. So it may be best to say something like, “Hi, I have a bunch of weird allergies, and I was just wondering if I could check the ingredients on [insert food item here] before I buy it?”

Do you see how the sugar-coated apples shimmer and shine in the beautifully harsh lighting? It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? Yes.. So is this cotton candy mustache made by my boyfriend:

How monsterous!








 No. These items are not healthy. But what food in the wide world of carnivals and fairs is? I would most definitely say these are some of the best picks if you’re not looking to drop dead of a heart attack in front of all the kids waiting in line for the Tilt-a-Whirl.

Things to Avoid at Carnivals and Fairs, Besides the Obvious:
Funnel Cakes (dairy and/or egg), Caramel Apples (dairy), anything fried (the breading and/or coating will likely have dairy or eggs), the game carnies (they’ll steal your money right in front you and you won’t even realize they’re doing it), and doing this after you eat:

Also: be on the lookout for dead babies..

They win prizes.

They win prizes.

If you’re really missing out on things like corn dogs, make your own vegan corn dogs before you leave for the fair! My caramel apple post will be coming up soon, as well. So.. watch out!

I hope you all get to enjoy a nice trip to the fair this season!

– Andrea

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2 Responses to “Being Vegan at Carnivals & Fairs”

  1. Mo Says:

    I know dead babies aren’t supposed to be funny, but I can’t stop laughing at that!

    • Andrea Says:

      Hahaha. It’s ok! This dead baby is meant to be laughed at, because it’s not real.. and it’s on a table at a county fair – right next to the pickled beets! : D

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