Vegan Halloween Candy! (part 1)

I was going to post this last week, but I thought I’d save it for VeganMoFo 2009. I’m going to need all the ideas I can get to post this much! Luckily, VeganMoFo is taking place during my favorite and most creative month: October! Oh, by the way:


Yes, I’ll be participating in VeganMoFo. I’m not planning on posting every day of the month. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it to five days a week. I think I can handle that. 😀

Now, onto the main topic: HALLOWEEN CANDY!

Homemade Candy Corn from 2007

Homemade Candy Corn from 2007

I don’t eat much candy. But when I do, it’s usually around Halloween. One candy I miss more than anything in the world since going vegan  is candy corn. Every brand I’ve seen either has gelatin, egg whites, or beeswax. And that really sucks. I veganized this candy corn recipe I found online back in 2006. I tried it again in 2007. The second try turned out much better than the first, but it still just wasn’t the same.

Last Tueday (the first day of Autumn), I was browsing my local Walgreens when something completely amazing caught my eye:

CANDY CORN FLAVORED DOTS! Dots are one of my favorite candies! And they made them taste like candy corn! Do you see that?! My vegan Halloween-related dreams have come true!

Yes. They really are the beautiful orange and yellow colors of the candy corn. While they’re no replacement for the real thing, they’re the closest and most amazing vegan candy corn-flavored candy available. Soft and chewy, with a hint of marshmallow-ness. Ahhh.. so wonderful.

Up next, we have another amazing treat available this Halloween season:

Yes, you’re reading that right! Blood Orange-flavored Bat Dots! How freakin’ adorable are these?! Look at that little vitamin-C-filled bat, with orange juice leaking out of his mouth. What a cutie!

Upon seeing the black color, one would assume these would taste like black licorice. But not so! These little candy bats without wings are slightly tart, with a wonderfully dark, citrus flavor.

Oh, you thought that was all of the fantastic treats that would be included in this post? Well, you thought wrong, my friend! Because next we have:

Ghosty Dots! OoooOoooo..

Now, the ghosty Dots don’t have a special limited editon flavor like the other two varieties. But they do have a fun little trick waiting inside: assorted flavors… THAT ARE ALL THE SAME COLOR! Will it be sweet cherry, or tart lemon or lime? You never know what you’re going to get! Thus, the fun of the little ghosty Dots. I only wish they glowed in the dark 😦 But I suppose that’s asking a bit much?

I don’t like for my posts to get too long, so this concludes my first post on vegan Halloween candy. I’ll be back with more later.

The Halloween Dot Line-Up!

The Halloween Dot Line-Up!

Today is World Vegetarian Day, so share some nice, vegan, Halloween-themed Dots with someone you love. 😀

– Andrea

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10 Responses to “Vegan Halloween Candy! (part 1)”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Whoa! I must seek out those Candy Corn Dots! Amazing!

  2. trina Says:

    Those are some cute candies! Thanks for sharing your Halloween find!

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  4. Sara Beth Says:

    I had no clue the ghosts ones were all different flavors. That has me sold! I’ll be heading to walgreens this weekend. Woo!

    • Andrea Says:

      Yep! They’re all the original Dots flavors. But since they’re all the same color, you never know what flavor you’ll get!

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    […] We’ve got all the favorites back from last year: Candy Corn, Bats, and Ghosts. You can read my reviews of the flavors here. […]

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