It’s that time again.

The time where I search the internet high and low for vegan Halloween- and Autumn-scented lip and body treats.

While I was going through some of my Favorites, I found a link to Lollibomb Beauty. I looked through the site for a little while and then I found a cute, little travel set that has a 2 oz sample of both the body spray and “whipped body frosting”. So I ordered that, and it’s going to be Candy Corn-scented! YAY!

While not Halloween, there are also some other yummy-sounding seasonal and holiday-related scents available – including Candy Cane, Chocolate Candy Cane, Chestnut and Brown Sugar, Cranberry Scone, Electrick Xmas, Hot Cocoa and Marshmallows, Egg Nog, Frosty Snow, Mistletoe, Pecan Pie, Sugar Cookie, Sugar Plum, and White Christmas!

One downside to Lollibomb Beauty is the lack of scent descriptions. I always find those helpful. But everyone knows what candy corn smells like, so I feel confident in my purchase! is always an awesome place to find Halloween-scented things. But it’s hard to pick which to get, because there are SO many. For instance, I just found this shop: Givin’ Me Lip. It has an amazing assortment of vegan lip balms to choose from. Including, but not limited to, Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream, Pumpkin Spice, Candy Apple, Caramel Apple, Witch’s Brew, Black Cat Cherry, and various vampire-inspired flavors.

I’m personally really eyeing the candy and caramel apple flavors 😀

More Etsy shops carrying Halloween lip balms include SobeBotanicalsSpookieville, and Beautiful Twists. I ordered the Autumn Leaves and Candy Corn lip balm last year, and I love it! It smells so good.

If anyone knows of any other shops that offer Halloween or seasonal/holiday-scented lip balms or body products, please let me know! I’m sure there are more out there, and I love my holiday scents!

Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday and Tuesday is the first day of autumn! I’m not quite sure how I’ll celebrate, but I know I’ll do something fun!

– Andrea

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4 Responses to “It’s that time again.”

  1. Micco Says:

    You might already follow this blog, but in case you don’t, I wanted to draw your attention to this particular entry:

    • Andrea Says:

      I don’t check the blog daily, but I have looked at it before! I really enjoy it. Too bad most of that stuff is made with M&Ms 😦

      Thanks for the link!

  2. Megan Says:

    Yay! I love lip balm and I need some new Halloween ones. 😀

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