Buried Alive Pot Pie

Yesterday me and my boyfriend got out to run a few Halloween-related errands. When we got home, I made this and we ate it while watching The Exorcist. Fun day!

(I was really hungry, so please excuse the rushed picture!)

Buried Alive Pot Pie

Buried Alive Pot Pie

 I would post a recipe, but I don’t think it’s necessary. You can use your favorite pot pie recipe to make this. I used biscuit dough for my zombie/monster hands, but you can use any crust you wish – or even puff pastry. Me and my boyfriend cut them out freehand and I sprinkled on some sea salt and rosemary. They were baked separately from the vegetables and placed on top afterwards.

For individual servings, you can scoop some of the filling into a bowl and give everyone their own hand 😀

Halloween is only 56 days away!

– Andrea

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4 Responses to “Buried Alive Pot Pie”

  1. Micco Says:

    This is so clever! hahaha.

  2. Jonathan Says:

    And delicious!

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