Green Swamp Slime & Fruit Kebobs

Sorry for the gap between posts! I made some fun Halloween treats a week or two ago, but I never did take pictures. So I’ll wait to post those until I have photographic evidence to share.

Right now I want to share a fun (and dare I say almost healthy) Halloween treat: Green Swamp Slime & Fruit Kebobs.

My mom made me this fruit dip over 10 years ago when I had a few friends over for a mini Halloween party. I’ve made it vegan and turned it into a fun little snack!

While this would be great for an adult party, the recipe is geared towards children and would be great for a younger audience. I mean, really, who can resist thick, green, vanilla-flavored slime?

Green Swamp Slime & Fruit Kebobs

Green Swamp Slime & Fruit Kebobs

Green Swamp Slime & Fruit Kebobs

1 package vegan vanilla pudding mix
1 1/4 C soymilk
1/3 C non-dairy sour cream
Green food coloring (I use Wilton)
Various fruits (I use Granny Smith apples and bananas)

Whisk together the pudding mix and the soymilk according to package directions. Whisk in sour cream and food coloring (adjust coloring to the shade you want). Serve with chopped or sliced fruit on skewers.


I think it would be really fun to put the fruit on little Halloween cocktail skewers and stick them in a pumpkin or some kind of other squash. Or maybe even a melon!

Green Swamp Slime & Fruit Kebobs

Green Swamp Slime & Fruit Kebobs

Pictured, I have my slime in little, black, plastic shot glasses and I put that and the fruit on orange cocktail plates.

I’m just now starting to gather plans for my Halloween party, so expect more soon! I’d like to get my invitations started, so hopefully that will be next.

Until then: Happy Holidays!

– Andrea

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3 Responses to “Green Swamp Slime & Fruit Kebobs”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    what the heck!? why haven’t I ever seen or eaten this?!? I want.

    Gimme, gimme, gimme–I need…. I neeed.

  2. swamp theme food ideas? - Halloween Forum Says:

    […] I made a green vanilla pudding-type dip for fruit and called it "Swamp Slime" on my blog.…-fruit-kebobs/ You could do something similar with green-tinted cheese for fondue. A green cheese fondue fountain […]

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